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Las Vegas, Nevada. Newsweek magazine, among others, has recognized Las Vegas as one of fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country. If you're one of the many thousands moving or looking to move here, the topic of Las Vegas houses for sale would be of prime interest then wouldn't it?

Along with finding out more about the neighborhoods, shopping, recreation, schools and so forth.

Sure Vegas is known for the Strip. But there are a growing number of companies moving in. Bio tech, healthcare, among others. And with them workers in need of housing.

Even if you completely ignore new home sales, Las Vegas offers many housing options. You'll find a selection of town houses, single family homes, and condos plus plenty of apartments.

It doesn't hurt that Nevada has a business friendly tax climate. Or a sunny climate all the way around for that matter. Since you can soak up 300+ days of sunshine a year here.

Add to that mild winters, very little rain, Lake Mead, mountains less than an hour away with snow skiing in the winter and hiking and picnicking in the woods in the summer. Even with the casinos there is plenty to do.

All this makes it easy on real estate professionals. That's right realtors in Las Vegas have a quality product to sell. And there are always plenty of Las Vegas houses for sale to choose from.

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